“Ever wonder where you'd end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash? (Robert Brault)”

They are our friends, companions of our travels, of life. They are our shadows, our caretakers, our angels. They are those who remain close to us at any moment of our life, in any situation, beautiful or ugly, without hesitation, without ever sparing themselves.
Those who are waiting for us at any time, those who are happy even if we only went out for a couple of minutes, those who would follow us always and everywhere, those that “do not count when, where, what and why” ... they are there. They are our guardians, our paladins. Those who live with a dog know that love can really be unconditional, endless, infinite. Those who live with a dog know that life would be partly empty without them. Those who live with a dog can understand that happiness is also in small things.

In our hotel all dogs are welcome, of any race and of any size, without any exclusion. There are no prohibitions with us for your four-legged friends. They can accompany you to any area of our hotel. We only ask your good common sense in respect of all other guests.
In your room you will find for your dog a small welcome gift kit that includes a practical kitchen towel, 1 toilet tissue, 1 cleaning wipe for eyes and ears, 1 sachet of shampoo plus 1 sachet of truffle and pads balsam as well as 2 bags for "emergencies”. Simply tell us if your dog is present at the time of booking to get the free kit. For the stay of your dog a small fee of 10.00 euros per room per stay is required. We will use it for a special specific sanitation of the room at the time of your departure.

Moreover… if you take a picture here at the hotel, you’ll get a free gift for your 4-legged friend!

If you take a picture of your dog and send it through the form below, you will receive a nice present for him. The photo will be published directly in the gallery below. What are you waiting for? send us this beautiful memory!

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4-legged friends